Ozanam Orientation 2020

//Ozanam Orientation 2020

Ozanam Orientation 2020

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Ozanam Orientation

All Vincentians are invited and encouraged to attend Ozanam Orientation, a “Formation and Training Program” developed by the National Council. The purpose of the program is to introduce new members, and reacquaint existing members, to the message “who we are and what we are all about.”

New Vincentians benefit tremendously from Ozanam Orientation because it provides an overview of the history, spirituality, organization, and current endeavors of the Society, as well as in-depth understanding of poverty and home visit segments.  However, even the most experienced Vincentians have gained new insights by attending the training.  Of great importance is the sharing and learning that takes place when members of different conferences come together and interact with each other throughout the evening.

Attendance is open to all conference members; however, it is a necessity for those who are new to the Society in the last year or those who have not participated previously. We hope all active members will complete this program and invite prospective members and interested parties who desire to learn more about the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul as well.


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