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handsOur Society is a Volunteer Society! We cannot survive if we do not have VOLUNTEERS!! The Store, The Food Pantry, The Conferences, all need volunteers to achieve the goals and do the work that needs to be done to service the poor! Pope Francis is leading the charge that many popes made before him: encouraging everyone to get out and do more for their neighbor, volunteer often, and simply do everything we can to service the poor and needy!  The Society of St. Vincent DePaul is one sure way of achieving that goal, that cry of the Church, that challenge of taking care of “the least of my brethren” so that we take care of the Lord!

I have had college students volunteer and LOVE the time they spend at the store.  I have had youth groups from several parishes come in and volunteer for a few hours, whether they would organize shelves, sort through clothes, or clean the store they all come with the intent and purpose to help us help the needy and the poor.  When they finish, I have the opportunity to share with them the stories of the life of St. Vincent DePaul and Fredrick Ozanam, among others, and to share with them the mission of the Society.  It’s wonderful to help them understand that their help has TRULY helped the poor and the needy!  Please, if you can spare some time, consider volunteering at the Thrift Store, the Food Pantry or even join the Conference in your parish!!  We need all the help you can give and God will bless you for all you do for those who are poor.

Please contact the store by phone at 812-425-3148 and sign up to volunteer!!!

You truly can make a difference!!