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2022 Friends of the Poor Walk Registration

No set fee!!!  There is no cost to participate in the Friends of the Poor Walk, but we do encourage donations.

REGISTRATION – Two easy ways to sign-up for the Walk:

How your support of the Walk helps to impact the lives of those we serve.

  • During the past fiscal year, our district council’s 250 volunteer members, called “Vincentians,” responded to over 7,000 requests for assistance impacting over 16,000 individuals
  • Over $500,000 was provided to help those in financial need pay for rent, water, gas and electricity. The Evansville District Council’s Vincentians donated over $140,000 of their own funds to assist those in need, equaling 28% of assistance provided
  • Our Vincentians volunteered over 14,000 hours between St. Vincent de Paul’s Food Pantry, Thrift Store, and calls on neighbors in need driving nearly 15,000 miles to carry out their ministry.
  • Our Food Pantry distributed over 46,000 boxes and bags of three-day supplies of essentials, totaling over 150 tons of food
  • Through a grant from the Vanderburgh County Community Foundation, our Food Pantry was able to pay for 80% of its roof replacement saving $30,000 in donations for food.
  • Our 19 conferences, through the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, provided clothing, furniture, appliances and household items to over 3000 individuals 
  • Our Vincentians not only provide financial assistance to those in need, but even more importantly, through our 6,000 visits impacting 16,000 individuals, provide spiritual assistance through presence and prayers

“Walk a mile in my shoes.”
By participating in the Friends of the Poor Walk, you are doing your part to change lives. Whether you have never had to deal with hardship or you recently received a service from St. Vincent de Paul, you can make a difference!

With your generosity, support and participation, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Evansville will continue to change lives and provide critical services for those in need.