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2018 Friends of the Poor Walk Registration

No set fee!!!  There is no cost to participate in the Friends of the Poor Walk, but we do encourage donations.

REGISTER TODAY – Three easy ways to sign-up for the Walk:

How your support of the Walk helps to impact the lives of those we serve.

  1. Our Food Pantry, through the help of approximately 120 volunteers, provided enough high-quality food to last a family for three to four days to 14,168 families totaling 31,732 individuals, about 2,644 individuals per month.
  2. Our Thrift Store provided free clothing to 2,636 adults and 1,621 children equivalent to about
    $51,485 worth of clothing.
  3. Our collaboration with Barnett Furniture and Appliances, through vouchers paid at cost or less by our conferences, provided 850 free or extremely low-cost bed units to those in need.
  4. Our Thrift Store provided a source of low priced clothing, furniture and household goods to those
    in an area of need. Sales to the area of need, at thrift store prices, totaled $36,687
  5. Our 19 conferences comprised of 404 Vincentians made an estimated total of 12,500 home visits helping those in need to avoid utility shut off or eviction, obtain basic household goods, prescription medications and other necessities of life. Importantly, these visits were made on a person to person basis, hopefully expressing human concern and spiritual hope to those in need on a personal basis.  Those conferences donated at total of $421,702 to people in our community.
  6. The District Council, in a coordinated effort with the Gibson & Posey County leaders, provided more than $10,000 to disaster relief victims from the March 1, 2017 tornado.
  7. A Systemic Change program was initiated in collaboration with Evansville ARC to train adults with disabilities in work ethics, interview skills and interdisciplinary skills to obtain employment and become self-sustaining or near self-sustaining. We have also started a relationship with the local ResCare Workforce Services in helping those in our community get back to work after being the recipient of social services aid.  We have worked with more than 35 individuals since the program started in November 2016.

“Walk a mile in my shoes.”
By participating in the Friends of the Poor Walk, you are doing your part to change lives. Whether you have never had to deal with hardship or you recently received a service from St. Vincent de Paul, you can make a difference!

With your generosity, support and participation, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Evansville will continue to change lives and provide critical services for those in need.