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One Bed at a Time

How. Many. Commercials.

Firm beds. SOFT beds. Baby beds. Adjustable beds. Beds that regulate our body temper. Beds that have a pillow top.

Many of us are more than blessed to have the options and resources to find a bed that provides us the most comfort, the best sleep, and the best chance at starting our days fresh and relaxed. But, here in Evansville, that isn’t always the case. Not only are there 427 individuals, as of January 2019, currently identified as homeless, but 21% of the city’s residents are currently living below the poverty line.

Twenty. One. Percent.

Many times it isn’t the most obvious of circumstances. Sure, occasionally you’ll see a family sleeping in their car or settling in for the night in a quiet, public place. But more often than not, these quiet struggles are happening behind closed doors; parents can’t afford more than a couple of outfits for their children. There isn’t enough food for the table. The questions of how to scrape together the money to keep the lights and heat on for another month. And, among others, not being able to have more than a pile of blankets and maybe some pillows to call their bed.

Over the last year, the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift store has provided free clothing to 1,326 adults and 94 children here in Evansville alone. Volunteers and society representatives have assisted families via hundreds of home visits to help find short-term solutions for utility needs and other basic necessities. And, to meet the growing need, the Thrift store has also provided more than 800 free or extremely low-cost bed units to those in need through vouchers secured through our national conference.

Changing Lives

The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store is dedicated to helping all in need improve their lives with a good night’s sleep. This spring, the store has begun to incorporate brand new and affordable bed sets (frames and mattresses) to make comfortable sleeping arrangements available to everyone that they can. Come check out the reasonably priced Twin, Full, and Queen sized platform beds and mattress sets, all brand new and all budget-friendly to meet your family’s needs. The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store looks forward to helping you and your family get a more restful nights’ sleep as they continue to find practical new ways to help our thriving community.


-Alanna Payne

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