Keeping the Lights On for “Charlene”

“Charlene” lives and works in boundaries of the St. Ben’s parish.

Two kids. Single Mom. No benefits (not even Workers Compensation).

Charlene cleans homes for a living, and she does her best to provide.

When Charlene was on her way to work last month, an inattentive driver rear-ended Charlene’s car at a stoplight with such force that it “rang her bell.” Charlene was out of commission for several weeks, but of course the houses she works at still had to be cleaned.  And of course, other workers had to be called in.

Charlene lost that job.  the good news is at the time of our visit, she had found another job with the help of a good recommendation from her former employer.

Where the SVdP St. Ben’s Conference comes into the picture to help.  Charlene was facing a $400 Vectren bill including a shut-off notice. With $200 of the alms you entrusted to our care from the parishioners at St. Ben’s, we paid down Charlene’s Vectren bill enough to delay the shut-off until the first paycheck at her new job.

God bless Charlene and her family.  We pray for all who are in need.

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