Why We Walk

//Why We Walk

Why We Walk

We walk for the ones who struggle to make ends meet.

We walk for the ones who work two, three, four jobs and graveyard shifts just to make sure that their families have something to eat.

We walk for the ones fighting to keep their families on their feet.

We walk for the parents who lose sleep at night worrying about an upcoming eviction notice.

We walk for the ones who fight to keep their families together under one roof and provide them with their basic needs every single day.

We walk for the single mother who fights each day not knowing if she’ll be able to keep her home’s lights on.

We walk for the ones who hold their breath not knowing if they can afford the utility bill that will keep their children from having to sleep in the summer’s dead heat or the winter’s bitter cold.

We walk for the ones who fight to make sure they can keep their running water so their child can take a shower before school tomorrow.

We walk for the child who has no choice but to go to school with a hole in their shoe because there’s nothing left at home for new clothes.

We walk for the one who has to ignore that they don’t have enough clothes to get through the week.

We walk for the ones who worry if they can make the clothes last until mom and dad can go to the laundromat in a week or two.

We walk for our friends.

We walk for our community.

We walk for our neighbors.

Who do you walk for?

Join us on Saturday, September 21, for our Annual Friends of the Poor Walk at the Indiana State Fair Grounds as we walk to make a difference in the lives of all we touch. Register yourself (or your team!) today at https://www.svdpevansville.org/walk-for-the-poor/ to join us!

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