SVdP Conference Keeping Things Cool!

//SVdP Conference Keeping Things Cool!

SVdP Conference Keeping Things Cool!

SVdP Conference Keeping Things Cool!

The following testimonial is another example of how Vincentians are making a difference!

In mid-July, a woman from Evansville St. Theresa Conference called requesting help on getting a window air conditioner (A/C). She currently receives Social Security Disability and food stamps.

On our initial visit, we verified her income and expenses, we found that the A/C was not cooling probably due to its age. We measured the area which needed to be cooled and found that she had about 500 sq ft , which would indicate a 10K BTU A/C.

We called SVDP Thrift Store and JT Barrett; neither had any used A/C units in stock. We then shopped around and found A/C units from $169 to $239 for 8K BTU and $219 to $359 for 10K BTU. We also found a used 7K BTU unit from Wayne’s Appliances for $75. The best prices for new units were from Menards on Green River Road; and the store manager would give an additional discount of 8% due to her financial situation.

We called her back and gave her the following: 7K BTU for $75, 8K BTU for $169 less $13 and 10K BTU for $219 less $23. We said that SVDP would pay up to $100 and she would need to pay the balance; we also recommended the 10K BTU model. She said she could not afford much now as she had other expenses for car maintenance and would probably take the 8K model. A few days went by and called us to meet at Menards on Sunday. We met her at the store, helped her with the pricing and then loaded the A/C unit into her car. We also said we would follow up later to make sure she was ok. Since she waited a few days, Menards had their 11% rebate sale on and she received a rebate for $17. The A/C unit cost her about $39 not including taxes.

A few days later we called back; she could not get any help to put in the new A/C. We then offered to help install the unit. We removed the old unit, cleaned the window area, installed the new unit and made sure the unit was working properly. We then disposed of the old unit at a recycle point which they found was broken.

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