Single Mom Gets the Keys to New Home

//Single Mom Gets the Keys to New Home

Single Mom Gets the Keys to New Home

Nora’s 3 kids were teenagers when Nora, a lifelong resident of Evansville, met Jake, who came here from Philadelphia. Nora and Jake decided to make a home together, but in 2016, Jake decided he’d go back to Philly alone. Nora worked as hard and for as many hours as she could, but without Jake’s help to pay rent and expenses, Nora and the kids just couldn’t afford to live there.

Nora and her children were evicted.

Nora cooperated with her landlord, and they made an amicable agreement for the payment of what she owed when Nora got back on her feet.

Homeless, Nora and the kids were taken in at Ozanam Family Shelter on Read Street, a few blocks north of Deaconess Hospital. After a couple of months in the Shelter, Nora found a rental she could afford. She was working full time and had saved-up enough for the utilities deposits, but she needed help with the first month’s rent and deposit to get her and the kids across the bridge out of poverty.

With $850 of the alms entrusted to the care of the St. Ben’s SVdP Conference, Nora and her kids were helped them across that bridge.

Fittingly, they moved in to their new home on All Saints Day.

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