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The following is a submission from a member of the St. Benedict’s Parish SVdP Conference.  This story is just one of the countless examples of how the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is making a difference in our community.

Keeping the Water On

A couple of weeks ago, when two St. Ben’s Vincentians made a home visit to a female client who lives within the St. Ben’s parish boundaries, her partner was in the side yard raking leaves.

She hadn’t even turned 17 when her first child was born in 2014; then came her second child 18 months later; her third child was born in January of this year.  All 3 of her children were screaming when she invited us into the living room of her home. We’re not sure, but we don’t think she finished high school; she was too busy having and caring for her babies. She is a waitress at a local establishment and hopes to make enough tips to get by – along with the supplemental Social Security Income and food stamps she receives.

We received her call for assistance because there was a water leak somewhere on her side of the meter, and she received a shut-off notice if she didn’t get a $194 water bill paid, pronto!

We can’t pledge payment of a water bill as high as hers without the approval of the other members of St. Ben’s St. Vincent de Paul Conference – it’s not our money.  It is the money prayerfully given as alms from the members at St. Benedict.

Upon sharing the story we have shared here, the funds were approved to cover the payment for the water bill. We called to tell her the good news and of course, she was very grateful.  We have learned that she has other financial challenges, and we have provided her and her family with additional information about other agencies that may be able to assist.

She asked us to pray for her family, so we ask you to add this young mother, her children and boyfriend to your Lenten prayers.