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semiSVdP is a safety net for hard-working folks like Bill.

Getting to know Bill
Bill makes two Evansville-to-St. Louis round-trips a day as a commercial truck driver. He lives with his two school-age daughters and their mother in a 2-bedroom apartment on Evansville’s east side. Last year, Bill had a brief episode of dizzy spells and called in sick to go to the doctor. Medical tests were run.  At the end of the day, doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with Bill; nothing that would explain Bill’s episode of dizziness. And even though Bill has never had another spell, the terms of a commercial drivers license (CDL) disqualified Bill from driving a commercial vehicle until he was symptom-free for a continuous period of 6 months.

Bill lost his job and his livelihood – a livelihood that supported three other people in Bill’s life. Bill lost his home. The kids were placed in foster care. Their mother went to live with her own family. The disintegration of Bill’s life wasn’t Bill’s fault.

Ozanam Family Shelter Evansville

Ozanam Family Shelter

SVdP becomes Bill’s safety net to help him get his life back.

The Society sponsors the Ozanam Family Shelter on Read Street where Bill took shelter for the 6-month period of his CDL disqualification. After 6 months, he left the Shelter and began to put his life back together. The only thing Bill owned was a motor scooter. He sold it for just enough money to put down the security deposit on a 2-bedroom east-side apartment where Bill gathered the children and their mother. Bill’s employer put Bill back to work on his Evansville/St. Louis route, but it would be 2 weeks until Bill’s first pay check.

Ozanam staff members called members of the Society about Bill’s plight. As is the customary procedure, SVdP volunteers (“Vincentians”) made a Home Visit with Bill and his family in his east side apartment. Upon arrival, there was no food in the refrigerator, no beds for Bill and the girls, no furniture, utility deposits were due to keep the lights on and the water running, and Bill had no credit.

SVdP was able to give Bill vouchers to go to the Store on Walnut Street and Food Pantry on Lafayette Street.  Bill used the vouchers to get new beds and bedding, household furniture, & food for the refrigerator.  The Society was able to provide financial assistance to pay Bill’s first month’s rent and make the utility deposits.

Today, thanks to our donors, supporters & Vincentians, the “wolf” is away from Bill’s door!  Bill is back on the road. His girls are back in school, and their mother is able to prepare meals for the family in their apartment.

This is just one of countless stories of how YOUR SUPPORT of SVdP is changing lives!
THANK YOU for your support!  God Bless!