Vincentians Go Above & Beyond

Decades of Service!
Bill Schulz & Dan Werner provide decades of service to SVdP SVdP St Theresa Cropped

Can you guess how many years of service to St Theresa St. Vincent de Paul can be found in this photo ( not counting years of service by the statue of St. Theresa)?

Well if you guessed about 73 you would be correct!
To read more about their tremendous service to SVdP, CLICK HERE!

2015 Walk – Call for Sponsors & Volunteers!
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Evansville State Hospital

Friends of the Poor

Planning for the 2015 Friends of the Poor Walk is under way!!!  As always, we are looking for volunteers and sponsors.  Please consider supporting this event, and you can learn more by following these links:

THANK YOU for being part of the SVdP family!

Do you need help?

Contact our Coordinator’s Office @ 812.425.3485.
Our staff is trained to assist you and help coordinate a plan to get you the help you need.